Football (Noun)[1]

1a. Any of a number of forms of team game involving kicking a ball, in particular (in the UK) soccer or (in the US) American football.

2a. A large inflated ball used in such a game.

3a. A topical issue that arouses controversy.

Sexy (Adjective)[2]

1b. Sexually attractive or exciting – sexually aroused.

2b. Very exciting or appealing.

As is the case for many people, football appeals to me, it excites me, so I needed an adjective to express this and the word I chose was ‘sexy’, in nature. The word wasn’t actually ‘sexy’ to begin with; it was in fact ‘spicy’. So my blog was going to be titled ‘Spicy Football’ before I changed my mind.

Why did I change my mind?

[3] Basically I saw this picture of Gabriel Batistuta (my favourite player) and the word ‘sexy’ just miraculously came into my mind.

It’s so weird, I still can’t see anything sexy about this picture.

Of course the term ‘sexy football’ has been used in the past, usually to describe an attractive style of football, the kind exemplified by the current Ajax team or Brazil’s 1970 World Cup winners.

As for my blog, ‘sexy football’ is meant to be a hybrid of definitions 3a and 2b.

Sexy Football

A visually and intellectually stimulating football blog, which is topical and arouses controversy.

Thank you for reading, please enjoy my footnotes.

[1] A dictionary.

[2] The same dictionary.

[3] My name is James Bayley and my dream is to be a sports writer, if you can make this dream come true then you can contact me via this email: james.bayley1@outlook.com or find me on twitter, my twitter handle is @Bayleycakes

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