Wayne Rooney’s 7 year old son Kai is already a better photographer than Brooklyn Beckham according to critics

Kai Rooney, 7, son of Wayne, has recently had some holiday snaps developed on his Fun Flash Ultra Sport disposable camera, and critics are already touting him as the next David Bailey.

The pictures were taken during a recent family holiday to Ibiza, it is said that Kai had his camera on him at all times, even by the pool, because the Flash Ultra Sport is waterproof.


Kai captures Wayne in a rare moment of contemplation. In contrast, Wayne’s wife Coleen seems at ease in the sun-drenched pool.

Kai’s strangely melancholic style has been praised by critics and talks of a book deal to rival Brooklyn Beckham’s What I See have already begun. The son of global superstar dad, David Beckham, has received a mixed review following the release of his book, with critics commenting on it’s “vain, vapid and vacuous” nature.

It is said that Kai’s book will feature mainly photos of his dad or ladybirds, with the exception of one photo that features both subjects in the same photo. In one standout image, Kai captures Wayne sleeping on a plane, focusing only on his father’s face. If you look closely you can count 31 freckles on Wayne’s perfectly still forehead. This is nothing short of remarkable because Wayne Rooney also happens to be 31 years old. Furthermore, by incorporating ladybirds in his visual work, Kai alludes to a common myth that the number of spots on a ladybirds back indicates its age.

This ladybird is at least 4 years old.

At the age of 7, Kai has demonstrated all the skills of a fine photographer, despite never having any formal education in photography. His teachers are said to be discussing the possibility of fast-tracking him into a BTEC Photography course, but not before he completes his Year 2 SATS next year. One thing is for sure though, the future is bright for Kai Rooney.

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